Juanita Wright: Top Notch Client Service

Juanita Wright began her career as an esthetician and make-up artist, owning luxury spas and pampering posh clientele. Shedescribes her style as innovative and unique; a style that has gotten her clients including First Lady Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Murray and Patti Labelle.

A dedicated professional, Wright added real estate to her list of many skills. As a realtor, she provides top notch service to all of her clients, buyers and sellers alike. 

Wright knows the importance of every home buying decision. She is there throughout the real estate transaction to answer any questions and offer her expert advice. 

“Today’s consumer needs a trusted resource that can separate signal from noise to help them navigate the complex process that real estate transactions have become,” said Wright. 

Working with EXIT Real Estate Gallery, Wright combines her skills and expertise with cutting-edge technology and resources. EXIT’s growing footprint in Jacksonville assists buyers and sellers with guaranteed marketing support.

After many years in real estate, Wright decided to form a team. She says she loves the satisfaction of teaching others about the industry. 

“I enjoy being able to share ideas and tips on how to improve and ways to be more successful,” said Wright. “For the client, having a real estate team is a win-win because no one can be an expert at all things. We combine our strengths to provide expert service across the board.”

Forming a team helps Wright ensure an excellent experience for all clients, leading to return business and additional clients. She believes in providing her clients plenty of incentives, ensuringthey are pleased with their real estate experience. By listening to and meeting your home needs, she will be your realtor for life. 

Wright is based out of the EXIT Real Estate Gallery Avondale office at 3584 Saint Johns Avenue. Contact her today at 904-814-3992.